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LK's concepts traverse boundaries of imagination, belonging to a timeless zone. Lights create aura, cursing darkness into looming corners. The world of illuminations raise toasts, cheers, the moods, the infinite. LK wishes that the joy of creation which is sensed and experienced from our palette, percolates and reaches out to that earmarked segment, 'You' - our experiences, our joy, purpose of inspiration.


Let us illuminate our lives, let us light up our world with fancy imagination and aesthetics. At LK display centre, we share moments of art, we excite, intrigue, and tickle curiosity of our esteemed guests, leading to ties and partnerships of lifetime ideations. It is a state-of-the-art-experience centre celebrating colourful magical avatar of lights and its awesome variations and creations.

High Design

LK’s dedication stands committed to undaunted pure style and design, with limited editions or customising. It reaches out to all the sensory faculties of art, aesthetics and imagination.


Our service is seamless and with smiles. We love interaction and sharing knowledge with sheer passion. We deliver promise not just a mere product. Our relationship just begins its journey with ownership & responsibility. The equation extends beyond installation. LK relentlessly pursues excellence in after sales service, maintenance & repairs; we work towards 'happy hours' thru with our relationship.