LK believes in connecting the dots to illuminating lives, spreading happiness via light.

Light amplifies, highlights physical dimensions of space and place. The design of LK's successful lighting doctrines harps on light in its total element-technicalities having confounded basis in empiricism. LK mans projects of clients with full power of knowledge, and complete respect and regard to the human side of the projects.

Light at LK is employed creatively, almost always. Light does not merely serve as basic electrical, mechanical automated tool, but LK's aesthetic heart breathes through it. Common everyday scenarios are beefed up by scaling upwards both lighting techniques and attributive architectural lighting.

The magical play of darkness is whisked away romantically and mysteriously by presence of light. Shadows are born. The intermixing of light, shadow and darkness is the art interplay at LK. We tastefully do creativity of all our sensory perceptions.

Company Profile

About us

Over a period of time, LK has fortified a full division priding in expertise and leaders to meet current market needs via Architectural & Light Art installations. We call it, 'Light as the 4th dimension of Architecture'.

The purpose of these innovative phases in turnkey projects, is to fuse diverse elements such as integrating creative sensibilities, emotions, pragmatism, perfection and yes with technical specificity for installations to successfully launch. Synergy is created and we reach pinnacles In the field of 'Light as the 4th dimension of Architecture'.

With every project this team validates their abilities of deliverables. With diverse background and expertise the experts offer original, effective and distinctive solutions and do complete honours to the projects undertaken.

Our services range from concept, design development, follow up and commissioning. Our efforts here are to tailor match specifics of our clients, at any phase, any stage.

This is the hall mark of our success regime.

Our Services

What we do

LK offers a spectrum of services augmenting growth over the years. This with a view to upgrow and keeping pace with racing industrial, infra structure needs, fundamentally relating to Architectural and Light Art installation projects.

LK’s experienced division of engineers and lighting specialists study the brief, critically examine via surveys and studies to what best solutions fit. They are trained and bring to the table assimilated technical expertise, mix of innovative ideas and products, industry-specific knowledge and project management to deliver innovative lighting solutions and to advise on the correct selection and application of lighting tools.

Our panoramic customer services are made available at different phases of a project which include:

'Consult' services are provided during planning stages.

The expert trained team appraise and ascertain factors as the purpose of space, need centric, all this within the client’s requirements. Post study and analysis, the team recommends types, range of equipments, and this is characteristic of each project.

The projects functional and creatively aesthetic standards being set, and movements within the strict confines of conceptual and execution, to the application of final tool and lighting, beginning is made.

With a team of accomplished engineers, ace architects, competent designers and consultants, almost each project yields an enriched portfolio of rich Architectural and Light Art installations.

On-site technical support is also provided. Also, strictly technically professional advice on say circuitry and other technical assistance wrt installation is made available. Both the specialists- lighting and technical experts will induct client to demonstrate lighting automation. Detailed info is made handy on state-of-the-art lighting technology.

LK offers live Product Demonstration and Sample Supply. LK offers these to have a hands-on-experience for submission and approvals basis the model selection.

LK offers via its After-Sales Support Staff to train and induct contractors and workforce at the sites prior to installation. This orientation is an add on to assist and facilitate the end users to optimise use of LK products and related technology. LK services go beyond customer calls and fault correction.

LK believes in providing On-site Testing and Commissioning of lighting control systems.